Extra time to our Monday classes!  Our senior improv class on Monday afternoons has just got better with the introduction of another 45 minutes of theatre training. From 2:45-3:30, students are invited to come along to explore devised theatre. Click here for more information..

IMPORTANT:***** No experience or performance background is necessary for any age group.                                    

Speech and Drama!

Classes are held on a private / semi-private basis.  Grades and exam work are completed through the prestigious Royal Irish Academy of Music and Drama or the Leinster School of Speech and Drama.  Skills include elocution, mime, storytelling, vocal training, public speaking, poetry and critic thought. Students are encouraged to participate in feiseanna though it isn't mandatory.
Contact Brigid (085 152 3566) or Jackie (086 845 7245) for more information or contact us through this website.

We are located just off Beechpark Lawn, next to the Church. There is plenty of parking to the rear.